About Picks

Picks courier is a start-up based in Cairo, Egypt. It was founded in 2019 to offer delivery solutions to individuals, SMEs, and corporates. Since the ideation phase, we paid the highest attention to ease the delivery process so that our partners can grow their business and earn more profits.
We own and manage a highly professional courier network through an innovative business model. This business model was created to offer direct cost effective solutions to all the problems related to delivery service.


Become #1 reliable courier solution in Egypt to Individuals, SMEs, and corporates


Innovate the delivery solutions in every stage to cover all sizes of businesses in every field all over Egypt by adding value to our clients and their clients while maintain the cooperative creative spirit among our people.


Delivery solutions

Picks provides an easy way to deliver your shipment from everywhere to everywhere. Picks covers both sides of delivery service. If you’re an individual who needs something online or from a specific shop, Picks will get it and deliver it to your doorsteps for the lowest rates. If you own a shop or sell online, we deliver your products to your clients for competitive prices. If you own a company and want to relive your business from the delivery burden, financial and operation-wise, we provide insourcing solution for corporates’ delivery.


Cash on Delivery

Beyond the pickup delivery ordinary service, we help you collect your money. If you provide such an advantage for your customers, Picks will secure the payment by providing Cash on delivery and cash it to you through many ways. So, you can rest assure that your revenues will be present to make profits and grow.

Real Time shipment Tracking

With Picks user friendly website, you can track your shipments from the time you place a shipping order to when it’s on your customers’ doorsteps. Not only that, but our customer care will provide the assistance needed when needed.


Stock for your top selling items

At Picks, we offer storage for top selling items to save time and costs. For extra charge, we can deliver these items upon request from our storage right to your clients’ door.

Why Picks is Your Ultimate Courier Partner?


Deliver with Picks in 3 Steps; 1-Order Online, Place you shipment details on Picks website, Open the door we are knocking.

Small & Medium Business

If you decide to sell your products online, Picks offers you new way to profit from delivery through our innovative delivery packages.


Picks understands how sensitive the time element in your business is. Picks insource solution saves time, cost, and more. We hire for you, mange for you, and report to you.

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